Lectures and Other Learning Events

Welcome to my collection of events, such as magic lectures.

The events are available in both agenda and calendar formats.


including muggle events

  • Toronto, ON: Saturday, July 27 at 6:30 PM. Patrick Redford. Magic lecture. Cost: $20.00. Where: Browsers Den of Magic, 3220 Dufferin Street, Unit 19A (at Orfus Rd.; subway Yorkdale 15 mins.' walk), Toronto. Contact: e-mail Jeff Pinksky or phone 416-783-7022.
  • Ottawa, ON: Monday, July 29 at 8 PM. Patrick Redford. Magic lecture. Cost: $25.00. Where: Clocktower Brew Pub Westboro, 418 Richmond Road (at Berkley Avenue), Ottawa. Contact: e-mail Francois Gosselin.
  • Quebec City, QC: Monday, July 26, 2021 through Saturday, July 31, 2021. FISM 2021. Magic convention. Cost: $775.00 for non-members in advance, $1075.00 for non-members at the door, $700.00 for members in advance, $1000.00 for members at the door. Where: Centre des congres de Quebec, 1000 Boulevard Rene-Levesque Est (at Avenue Honore-Mercier), Quebec City; phone 1-888-679-4000 or 418-644-4000, fax 418-644-6455.


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