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This website started in the early 2000s as a series of simple bookmarks to Canadian magic shops. Back in those days, there were still great bricks-and-mortar shops like Morrissey's and Perfect Magic. These days, Browser's Den of Magic in Toronto is pretty much all there is left. It's a great shop, and I still buy from Jeff and the team, but one shop doesn't continue a need for this website.

Later on, I kept track of other things: effects that used objects familiar to Canadian audiences, performing magicians, magic shows, magic clubs, magic lessons. I taught myself a lot about CSS and PHP and SQL in keeping this site running. It was fun while it lasted. I hope it was useful to some of you still out there reading this.

The Canadian magic scene still needs a great website, but it has that: Nicole's excellent Canada's Magic site and blog.

This message will remain in place until mid-November 2022, after which will be no more.

Goodbye and thank you! (signed) Doug